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Distribution with Amber Crane

Sell your title to channels and content platforms all over the globe
with Amber Crane Distribution.

We have access to a global marketplace of content consumers, from terrestrial TV channels and VoD platforms, to transportation aggregators for resell of play rights on long-haul flights and cruises.  Amber Crane Distribution can close the unreachable deals that complete your distribution map for your latest release, avoiding issues of pre-sold territorial rights, exclusive rights agreements, and holdbacks.

Because our commission is a direct percentage of contracts signed, we only win if you do.  This motivates us to represent your title in the best way possible to allow your best return on investment, ensuring you delight your investors with a maximised return.

Revenue Share Model

We take a set percentage of any confirmed contracts that we have signed on your behalf.  There are no signing fees, ingestion fees, or any other up-front cost.  It's never been easier to sell any unsold distribution opportunities, while protecting your pre-sold agreements.

Your Success is Our Success

We only earn if you do, so our success is linked to your title's success.  You can be assured we will act in your best interests to establish the best deal for your title our our successes are joined.

A Global Reach

We have a truly global reach, to allow your title to reach markets that are traditionally difficult to penetrate.  Sell your title into 6 continents for broadcast or digital delivery with one local distribution partner.