About Us

We are Amber Crane Media

We are a TV and Film production company based in the Home Counties of the United Kingdom.

We are a proud member of PACT and work closely with the UK's Public Service Broadcasters to present new and interesting prospects for commissioning onto the UK's television channels.  We also produce independently-financed feature films, short films and TV shows for distribution.  We are also keen to stay true to our roots and so maintain a strong connection to live event videography.

Scripted Production

We love to work with up-coming emerging talent as much as we do established names in the industry.  We pride ourselves on an effective, productive and enjoyable production experience with collaboration and a results-driven ethic at the heart of our work.

Our Team

Meet our core team members

Technical Director

Andrew Cant
Andrew CantProducer / Cinematographer

Creative Director

Alasdair McWilliams
Alasdair McWilliamsDirector / Writer

Meet our regular partners


Christos Andreou
Christos AndreouComposer